Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Timing Is Everything

I've joked that if I ever write a memoir, it will be entitled 'Ten Minutes Late'.  I feel like in the urban jungle of LA, with its traffic congestion and other obstacles, it's nearly impossible to make it on time anywhere.  

Maybe I simply need a new clock to inspire my punctuality.  Every single one of  George Nelson's classic mid-century timepieces make me swoon, but I've also rounded up some of my other favorites:
Starburst by George Nelson
I was lucky enough to find this one on Craig's List!

Diamond Desk Clock by George Nelson

Sunflower by George Nelson
All of these and more Nelson clocks available from Design Public

Arne Jacobsen Bankers' Clock (a contemporary of Nelson)

This clock by Mike Reynolds is a good reminder that it's always 5 o'clock somewhere

It's hard to lose track of time with a burst of color like this as a reminder
Orange Burst Clock by Chroma Lab

Braun Wall Clock (NEW! - at Unica Home)

Alessi Blow Up Clock

CB2 Spot Clock - At 39" in diameter, this makes quite a statement.  It would be great in a loft.  It's also ON SALE right now!

Uomino clock by Diamantini + Domeniconi

Jonas Damon Twice Once Clock

At under $30, this clock from the IKEA PS collection has become a design classic over the last couple of decades.  I bought it in black in the late 90's and I still own it.  Bonus - it's got storage inside!

Times Square from Nava Milano

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Jennifer said...

Sarah - I love your blog! These clocks are incredible! I especially like the Umbra Mystic Clock.

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