Monday, June 8, 2009

Eichler in So Cal

Since I was on hiatus from blogging for a few months, I never shared the Eichler home that I worked on last fall.  I was hired for a color consultation, both interior and exterior.  Since, for know, I only dream of living in an Eichler (or a Cliff May), working on one is the next best thing!

Before - beige and boring

Backyard  - Before

I showed the owners three possible color schemes and this was their favorite.  Here are the 'after' shots:

The best feature of this Eichler floorplan is the outdoor courtyard that is completely enclosed within the house, an Eichler original

There are a few different floor plans for Eichler homes and below is another example - my favorite!  I took these when I was visiting Orange last week:

Last, but not least, the photo below is the best example I've seen of what NOT to do with an Eichler.  That second story just breaks my heart.  No matter what style of architecture your a fan of, I think we can all agree this addition is just BAD design.

For more about Eichler homes in Orange, the City of Orange website is a great source of info.  Eichler Homes of Southern California has also built a great network of Eichler owners.  You can browse properties for sale and get tips on home improvements.  

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