Thursday, June 18, 2009

National Martini Day

Okay, I've gotten some conflicting reports on this.  Some say that National Martini Day is today, June 18th, while others say it's tomorrow, June 19th.  My position is why not just make it a two day event?  That way you can hit up more than one locale for this classic cocktail.  

First we have the legen - wait for it... - dary establishment, Musso & Frank's.  This restaurant, located on Hollywood Boulevard, first opened in 1919 and since then they've certainly served a martini or two.  If you're looking for classic Hollywood, this is the place you want to go to celebrate National Martini Day.

This Musso & Frank's waiter has been there since 1956!
If you're looking for a slightly more hip scene, head downtown to Seven Grand, where they are masters of the mint julep, but don't miss a beat serving up other classic concoctions as well.

Another must on this list is Bar Marmont on Sunset Boulevard.  It's as classic as they come.  Sure, Lindsay Lohan has gotten sick in the bathroom more than once, but that surprisingly doesn't affect the glam quotient of this infamous lounge.

One of the newbies on the list is Nineteen 12.  It is instantly awarded points for being located at the Beverly Hills Hotel, although to be fair, it hasn't received many compliments from Yelpers

Lastly, there's the Viceroy in Santa Monica.  It's not exactly a Hollywood classic or a legendary celeb haunt, but it does provide the perfect atmosphere, courtesy of Kelly Wearstler, for sipping a martini, by the pool or in one of the many cozy corners inside.  

Happy National Martini Day to all!

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