Friday, June 12, 2009

Shopping Trip

Yesterday, I was in Silver Lake and finally made it to Alegria on Sunset, which I've wanted to try forever.  Yum!  Then, I stopped by Yolk, one of my favorite shops in all of Los Angeles.  It's located on Silver Lake Blvd in a Neutra-designed storefront and they have a wide array of products from Marimekko, Design House Stockholm, and Iittala (just to name a few).  

I fell in love with these melamine plates from Lucky Feather.  Fun for kids and adults, they are a gentle reminder to mind your manners. 1.) Sit up straight 2.) Chew with your mouth closed 3.) Napkin in your lap 4.) Elbows off the table

And every designer you know needs one of these Pantone mugs in their favorite shade:

I also loved the latest Marimekko trays and tins, like this one:

My home office is in desperate need of reorganization, so I was obsessed with all of these fun small containers imagining how perfect they would be for sorting small items to keep on the desktop.  For $14 each, these were adorable!

See you on Monday!

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