Monday, July 18, 2011

Flea Market Fun: June/July Edition

I missed my June post about my flea market adventures, so this month I bring you double the fun! The following vintage treasures are a mix from Irvine and Long Beach markets. 

I scored a Hall teapot and four yellow Hall mugs all for under $10. (P.S. The tray is from West Elm, the tea towel is Crate and Barrel, and the spoon is a 1957 design by Arne Jacobsen, available here)

I had never heard the name Ernest Sohn until yesterday, but a quick web search turned up some photos of a chafing dish identical to the one I picked up yesterday. I'm now quite a fan of Mr. Sohn.

This little metal cabinet with our wedding motif was my end of the day deal. I paid next to nothing and with a couple more coats of white spray paint and it will be ready to hang in our bath, right above...

This little storage bench. Also a steal. Sure, it looks kind of funky now, but a quick upholstery job and it will be the perfect place for my toddler to stash all her bath toys.

This incredible coffee server, first mentioned in this post, turned up at an even better price at Irvine. I actually spotted it twice at Long Beach, too! In two different sizes! You can buy the smaller version here on Ebay.

There were many other appealing items, too many to show in fact. Here are some highlights:
1. Two Russel Woodard patio chairs $300
2. 70s Kitchen storage tins
3. Mahogany/Sterling ice bucket by Pyrex
4. Unused date book w/ four note pads to get you organized in retro-style
5. Vibrant silk-covered photo albums, never used
6. A sea of glassware. This booth must have had a half dozen tables of dazzling colored dishes.
7. Betty Crocker Party Book had some great illustrations and ideas that included a 'Space Age rocket party for the kids'. Check out more images and snag a copy here on Etsy
8. The cover art on this album totally had me dreaming of a future kid's party inspired by the film.
9. These three chairs needed an upholstery job, but could be made over and nestled around a round coffee table to form a conversation nook
10. Fun wall-mounted vintage spice rack. Love the bottle shape.
11. This free-standing cabinet with sliding doors was a decent price at $150 (potentially even less with a little haggling) and had nice dimensions for a hallway (only about 10" deep)
12. Catherine Holm-designed bowls always have me ready to fork over the cash, but they are a pretty penny. Check out the selection here on Ebay and I'll leave you with a lovely image by Viviana of her collection.

Photos #1- 17 by Grace Hilton
Photo #18 by Vivianna via Emma Lamb


Anonymous said...

Love all of the glassware!!

Miranda said...

Love the cabinet - can't wait to see it up!

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