Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flea Market Fun: April Edition

My top flea market finds for this past weekend at the Long Beach Antique Market --
I didn't purchase them all, mind you.  I still haven't rented that storage space I talked about in this post.

1960s bathroom scale $45

1950s ice bucket with penguin motif (I've actually seen these a few times, even two on this particular day. The best price I've seen is $12, although this one was marked $20)

The best find of the day was this coffee urn with a great walnut tri-pod base (I talked them down from $65 to $50!) Every hostess needs one.

Lovely little Japanese address book that was completely unmarked and will definitely serve as inspiration for a color palette on a future project

This mod floor lamp was in good shape and selling for $100

The grand finale --
An Emeco high chair! Yes, the same company that's so well-known for this chair.


rachquiz said...

aw man, i should have totally went to look for that coffee urn!

Esther said...

So did you get the high chair? Wow.

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