Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dwell On Design: Beyond Basic Lighting

Next up on my series of posts on Dwell On Design is lighting. I gravitated toward companies that are definitely thinking beyond just your basic lamp shade and base. There is a focus on flexibility and functionality, not just good looks. Although, these lamps look pretty great, too! 

This light is full of function. -- The arm allows it to be adjusted for reading or used as a general light and the pivoting shade means you can transform into an uplight to bounce light of the ceiling. The Fork Adjustable Table Lamp by Foscarini Lighting + Diesel Home (Yes, that Diesel...the fashion brand. Check out their other furniture and textile collaborations with Moroso and Zucchi. They call their first home collection 'Successful Living by Diesel'); The full collection including table, floor, and task lamps by Diesel + Focarini available at Lumens 

Silva table lamp was one of the many beautifully crafted designs from Cerno Group. They also offer a  unique wall sconce that allows you to quickly adjust between diffused and direct light. See it in action here.  

My personal favorite was the Trapeze table lamp by Peter Stathis for Joby (the manufacturers of the popular Gorilla Pod) It was on preview at the A+R shop and will be available exclusively through their store this fall.  LED technology coupled with a sleek 3-axis design that allows it to pivot every which way. Of course when it comes to winning top honors from me, it doesn't hurt that it comes in a selection of fun colors -- Orange, yellow, blue, green, plus black and white

Two clever designs from Blu Dot include Bender (top) in black or white steel with a fabric shade and the Rook (bottom) which can be tilted and twisted as you please.  It's solid walnut and linen.  These two table top options are just $199 a pop and add a dash of fun to home or office. The Rook is a great option for next to a bed, since it's easy to manipulate the light for reading.  

If you're looking for more than just a table top upgrade, Trufig offers a full makeover for all the lights in your home and beyond.  This company is out on a mission to clear up wall acne. Outlets, switches, thermostats, even speakers can be a  bit of an eyesore. Trufig offers the option to make everything flush-mounted, so the architecture and interior design take center stage and all the bells and whistles disappear into the background.  It's not just for new construction either. They have a clever drywall patch that allows you to quickly swap out existing controls. It's fully compatible with Lutron, making it a breeze to upgrade your entire lighting, media, and HVAC system to get this sleek look.  

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