Friday, July 1, 2011

Dwell On Design: Kitchens + Baths

Before the weekend was finished at Dwell On Design, I was convinced no home is complete without a dishwasher that has a 'beer glass chilling' cycle, a built-in steam cabinet in the closet, and kitchen appliances that are wi-fi connected to alert you of maintenance issues. I was also dazzled by all the sleek shapes, fab colors, and impressed by the attention paid to every last detail in the kitchen and bath.  There are some really fancy solutions out there these days and we're come along way since this....

Not that I don't have a soft spot for vintage kitchens and I love browsing Pam's galleries over at Retro Renovation and her site Save The Pink Bathrooms.  But in a world where we consult our smart phones for everything, doesn't it make sense that we get a text if our refrigerator seems to be on the fritz? 

In addition to the high-tech products mentioned above from LG and Miele, here are some other brands that caught my eye including:

1. A sleek Duravit vanity with integrated towel bar
2. A new faucet collection from Kohler called Toobi, which has an unexpected shot of bold green color
3. Also from Kohler, a rainbow of finishes from their line of enameled cast iron
4. Infinity Drain, which is so much cooler than the average drain your contractor would opt for!
5. A trendy metallic tile from the Rondine group

All photos by Grace Hilton

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