Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Made By Girl

This print from Made By Girl had to be mine from the moment I saw it.  It has claimed a spot right on the desk in my office. That's where I retreat in the mornings when my husband allows me a few minutes of baby-free time to enjoy a mug (always Fiesta -- Today the color choice was turquoise. I switch it up daily) filled to the brim with coffee and I start my daily rounds on the blogosphere.  Coffee. Blogs. Happiness. 

Photo by Grace Hilton

You'll notice a couple of books in the photo that are also tied to blogs that I highly recommend. Apartment Therapy, of course. If you don't already follow it, start now.  You can also buy their books herehere, and here.  The other books are city guides by Kaie Wellman that feature all locally-owned truly unique businesses. Kaie has never steered me wrong. These mini books the perfect size to toss in a handbag and are essential for exploring your own city or when visiting one of the 22 cities she's covered. Buy them here and you can follow her 'ramblings' on the Eat.Shop site for even more goodness. 

Now for the best part of today's post. Jen Ramos of Made By Girl is graciously offering Grace Hilton blog readers a 10% discount off anything on her site! How amazing is that?  Just enter code GIVEAWAYMBG2011 It expires in one month, so start shopping! And of course, check out Jen's blog right here

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Jen of MadeByGirl said...

discount only applies on :)

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