Monday, June 13, 2011

Dwell On Design

Yesterday, I finally got around to registering for Dwell On Design, which is coming up June 24 - 26th in Los Angeles. I missed out on the early bird tickets for the home tours though. Darn.  I actually had a blog post draft to remind you all about early bird tickets and then didn't even remind myself!  Welcome to motherhood.  There are never enough hours in the day to check off the many things on the to-do list.

Which brings me to my next update which has nothing to do with Dwell.  As you may have noticed, it's next to impossible for me to keep up the pace of daily blog posts. New clients plus new baby and home remodel equals zero time to blog.  I do really enjoy sharing my favorites things, events, and updates on the restoration of our Cliff May Rancho and my drafts folder is bursting at the seams!  So, I will keep posting and aim for at least once a week.  For now I am just trying to limit work distractions so that I can enjoy this precious time with my baby daughter.  She turns one year old in just four more months.  It's crazy how fast the time goes!

Back to Dwell.  Tickets are still available for the show and all the home tours and you can find a full description of the ticket packages right here. Below are photos of some of the homes included in this year's home tours.  Happy Monday and see you soon!

Images via Dwell On Design

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