Thursday, July 28, 2011

Save Neutra!

While Grace Hilton is an interior design firm, not a preservation blog, I'm also Vice Chair of the Los Angeles Conservancy Modern Committee and occasionally bring you preservation-related news and events. Below is a very urgent issue and if you love modern design, I encourage you to read on. 

You may have never heard of the Kronish House, but I hope the name Richard Neutra means something to you. The internationally-celebrated architect lived right here in Los Angeles and while our landscape is dotted with many structures he designed, only three homes were ever built in the City of Beverly Hills. One was torn down, one remodeled beyond recognition and the Kronish House is now threatened with demolition. It's basically being sold as a $13 million tear-down because of its location and the investment group that now owns it (following foreclosure and auction) wants to tear it down and sell an empty lot. Crazy, right? 

I won't get into the politics of preservation here, although I will say Beverly Hills is quickly gaining a rep  for this kind destruction due to their lack of preservation ordinance (A John Lautner home was demolished just a few months back and the Friars Club was lost not long before that). What it comes down to is that each and every one of you need to write a quick e-mail and help save this house! 

You don't really need to know all the ins and outs of preservation, the legalities surrounding the issue or be a Neutra expert. You simply need to speak up about why you love this era, this architect, this house and let Beverly Hills know that it's worth saving. The L.A. Conservancy has created an Advocacy Page for this issue and I did a screen grab of the bullet points they created to guide you in the comments you submit to the city. Write to  Comments are due TODAY

You do not need to be a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles County resident. Ever single message makes a difference! Thanks for your help! 

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