Friday, February 18, 2011

A Studio

We can all agree that Dwell showcases some pretty cool stuff.  The Joint Table by Tomoko Azumi is no exception. It's base is made possible by a traditional Japanese joinery technique that elevates it to a table worth gracing the pages of Dwell.  (Psst...I'm sure this table costs a pretty penny, but read on for some budget-friendly guidance.)

Image via Inhabitat

Azumi is certainly not new on the scene. These stools from 1965 have become a classic and here are some other designs equally as flawless. (Top - Recharge table, Bottom - Transport lamp)
What if you want to get a similar look for less?  IKEA actually has some products with a similar vibe for your bathroom or bedroom. Try Mandal or Molger. Admittedly not nearly as elegant, but you can't argue with the price, right?

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