Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Extreme Nesting

Okay, so it's been nearly a year since my last blog post.  I promise I have a very cute excuse....

That's right, a baby girl! About this time last year, I found out I was expecting a new addition to our family. I decided to wrap up the projects that were currently going and settle in to our new house before our little one arrived. By settle in, of course, I mean feverishly turning our entire place upside-down by remodeling every square inch of it. Seriously. I called it "Extreme Nesting", as there was not a day without a project. I was even up at 7am organizing the garage the day I was going to be induced to deliver.

Since that October day that was to be my last before parenthood, I have been getting to know my little girl, Cordelia, and enjoying every minute. I do truly miss design and blogging though. So, I'm diving back in! I have plenty of projects to share from the remodel of our Cliff May Rancho. You really won't believe the 'Before' and 'After'. Plus, I've got great new ideas swirling around in my brain that I think you'll really, really like.  Stay tuned.

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