Thursday, February 17, 2011

Refresh, Not Remodel

What would you most love to improve in your home? Most homeowners are likely to answer with the kitchen or bath. These rooms are large investments and updates usually get put off while saving up for a dream remodel. That's why I loved this spread in Real Simple which shows you that you can breathe new life into your kitchen with a little cash and some smart organization. This 1950s kitchen was totally functional. It just needed a little love and a lot less clutter. 

There are some changes that are instantly noticeable like the shiny new range and the addition of a bold striped rug. Look closer and you'll notice some other quick tips to add polish. Aluminum toe-kicks covered peeling wood and a pendant from School House Electric replaced the ceiling fixture. What's one of the biggest (and easiest!) changes to help this kitchen look more pulled together? Loose the refrigerator magnets!  

Here are more detailed shots including one of my favorite features, the original built-in produce drawers: 

Great ideas, huh? Thanks to the folks at Real Simple for refreshing this space and saving some of its 1950s character. If your kitchen functions well overall, skip the major remodel and opt for a quick makeover instead!

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