Monday, March 31, 2008

Window Shopping

Edgar Kaufmann, the Pittsburgh department store tycoon, commissioned Fallingwater, the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece, in 1935.  It's clear he had great taste in architects.  So, it makes sense that he would hire Richard Neutra to design his next home, a desert escape in Palm Springs in 1946.  Fast forward to 2008 and take a look at the J.Crew store windows.  Their recent photo shoot at the Kaufmann house delivers the iconic structure to the masses, using it as a backdrop for their spring collection, along with furniture that defined the era.  

"The Architecture of the Jacket"?  "The Architecture of the Chino"? Usually interior design follows fashion, so it's refreshing to see an apparel retailer borrowing inspiration from my side of the equation.  I'll take one cashmere cardigan and a Bertoia diamond chair, please.

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