Saturday, April 5, 2008

West Week 08

This year Architectural Digest sponsored West Week, an annual event at Pacific Design Center, and they lured all the best talent to contribute. Among those were celebrity designers Martyn Lawrence-Bullard and Steven Shadley, world-renowned photojournalist, Harry Benson and legendary mid-century textile artist, Jack Lenor Larsen.

"The Beatles" Photographed by Harry Benson

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard: Mexican Residence

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard: Bedroom for Cheryl Tiegs

Martyn Lawrence-Bullard: Residence
Stephen Shadley: Bel Air Residence for Diane Keaton
Photo by David Glomb

Stephen Stadley: Beverly Hills Residence for Diane Keaton
Photo by Tim Street-Porter

Stephen Stadley: New York Residence for Diane Keaton
Photo by Michael Mundy

Jack Lenor Larsen: Aurora 1970 (Rayon, cotton, mohair)

Benson was feet away from Bobby Kennedy when he was shot and in the room when Nixon resigned. Larsen designed the curtains for the international style landmark, Lever House, in NYC (1951-52). Stephen Shadley has been Keaton's interior designer for half a dozen homes and Bullard has a similarly impressive resume including Woody Allen's new pad that will be featured in an upcoming issue of Architectural Digest. To hear these people speak about their work and experiences was amazing, but if you missed out, read more about these extraordinary artists at the links I included above.

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