Friday, October 9, 2009

Heath for the Holidays

Okay, so the holidays are still a couple of months away, but winter collections are being released and ideas for gifts have been churning in my head.  I can think of a few people of my list, not to mention myself, who would love to receive these newly-released limited edition items and gift sets from Heath Ceramics.

I left my favorite for last!  This mini picnic/lunch bag includes two 80ml jars, one 160ml jar and a tea towel.  Heath collaborated with designer Sherry Stein on this one. Much more stylish and eco-friendly than a brown paper bag!   All limited edition items are available while supplies last from Oct. 1st-April 1st, 2010.  Check a few gifts off your list early or treat yourself to something to get you in the holiday spirit.  Oh, and did I mention the free shipping for the month of October?  You can also visit one of their two locations, Sausalito or the recently-opened Los Angeles showroom.

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