Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hanging Around

The winter coats are coming out of storage, even in Southern California, where the temp has dropped drastically the last couple of days.  When you walk in your warm and cozy home from the chilly weather,  be sure to have a place to hang your coat (and hat, umbrella, scarf....all those winter essentials), so they don't end up tossed over an armchair or who knows where else.  Here are several options that reach way beyond function and are so stylish, there's no need to put them away during the warm months.  They can hang out all year long!

Collapsible Coat rack?  Perfect for parties, where you can bring it out just for those extra guest coats

Loop Coat Rack from Hay, Erich Ginder Ghost TreeTC Studio Knife Wall Hook, Classic Eames Hang-It-All at Room and BoardCoaterie from Atwood Woodworking via EtsyMerkled Coatrack, Hut Ab Collapsible Coatrack

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