Monday, September 14, 2009

Jaime's World

How do I love Spanish arstist/designer Jaime Hayon?  Let me count the ways.  1.) The Together Project with Camper shoes  2.) The Showtime Collection 3.) La Terraza del Casino.  I could go on and on and will, with a second post tomorrow focusing on his interior design projects.  Today, it's all about his products and we'll start with the chair that began my love affair with Jaime Hayon Studio.

This photo was a couple of years ago at the West Hollywood Avenues of Art and Design Walk.  The chair is part of a home furnishings collection called Showtime, which is inspired by MGM musicals.  According to Jaime, the concept behind the collection is to find a way for "things that are not supposed to match, coexist in elegance".

Now, there's Act II of the Showtime collection which includes simple, white side tables which remind me of George Nelson's beloved tulip tables.  Jaime's reinterpretation uses the classic marble top, but uses new shapes and heights. 
Another of his collections, Artquitect (below), explores the bathroom and tries to escape the "white, clinical" look, as he calls it, in favor of splashes of bold colors and treating each piece as furniture. 

I totally agree, a bathroom is often a neglected space in the home and interesting design choices are usually expressed only through wall color or tile, so by selecting pieces that look more like furniture, instead of the expected built-in vanities and cabinets, there's the opportunity to give it as much style as any other room in the house. 
And then there's the lighting.  We all know how important good lighting is, and the fixtures should be just as flattering as the light they give off.   Inspired by nature, the Funghi collection for Metalarte recreates the quality of light and textures found in the forest and explores the shapes of the wild mushrooms that grow there.  

One of Hayon's most dazzlingcollections, above is the Swarovski Sparkle Shady.  Each unique fixture is as beautiful lit, as when the power is switched off.  With a flexible system that allows you to change your  mind and your look over time, the possibilities are mind boggling.

This lamp and decorative horse head are from the Bosa Ceramiche collection
An amazing work of craftsmanship, this chair for Ceccotti is comprised of twenty-two individual pieces, of the finest wood.
Last, but not least, above is one of Jaime's latest creations, a crystal candy set for Baccarat.  His genius is showcased with unique combinations of color and materials.  His playful and feminine designs pull inspiration from everything from pineapples to golf balls.  Below is the collection on display at the Baccarat Salle de Bal, in Paris, on January 22, 2009.

Jaime says that his work as always been characterized by a constant concern for perserving and updating traditions.  "I find that doing so," he says, "clues and keys to our history are found, and that these clues are essential to understanding where the future may lead." 
To explore more of Jaime's world (and what a fantastic world it is!), I highly recommend adding the book Jaime Hayon Works to your library and check back tomorrow for my post on his interior design projects.

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Love his work!!

Jaime Hayon has some great pieces... I has doing some research about this designer and I´m falling in love by his projects...

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Hope ypu enjoy and give your opiniou!

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