Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ferm Living Mixes It Up

I ventured over to the Ferm Living site after mentioning them in yesterday's post and guess what? This fall, those crazy Danes will be injecting more pattern into our lives!  Two new collections will soon be available.

The first, simply titled, "A Very Special Collection" uses a technique called surface printing that dates back to the late 1800's.  This technique allows for the four new designs to have a hand-painted quality, as if the pattern had been stenciled onto the paper.  I love to see companies bring back old ways of manufacturing and not simply rely on new technology.  As proven with this collection, there are unique results that can only be achieved through old-fashioned processes such as this and I'm thrilled to see the designers at Ferm Living using their expertise to keep the technique alive!

From top: Mushroom Soup, Retro Leaves, Voila, Monroe

For the other new collection, they really wanted to bring something young and fresh into the mix, so they invited Danish-born graphic designer, Emil Kozak, to share his ideas.  Using his life in sunny Barcelona as inspiration and influenced by the surf and skate culture, he brings two new designs to life.

"I hope that my work can remind us that imagination can defy gravity and bend time.  It is our own responsibility to enjoy every second of the day.  Nobody else can do that for us.  Have fun, eat candy, do what you love, love what you do...We might get thrown off this spinning ball of iron and mantle tomorrow." -Emil Kozak


Double Trouble

For more from Ferm-Living, like the decals and wallpapers shown below, check out the US shop.

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