Monday, December 7, 2009

Back In Action

So, my plan to return with new posts the week following the Renovation Sneak Peek didn't exactly happen.  In addition to spending the Thanksgiving holiday with my family back East, we were without an internet connection until this past weekend and with the remodeling madness, I haven't exactly had to time to lounge around at a coffee shop to utilize their access.  In other words, there's a backlog of topics I want to catch you up on, including more photos of the restoration of our Cliff May and news about the Los Angeles Conservancy's 60's Turn Fifty upcoming events.  Stay tuned.

In the mean time, here are some photos from the Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh, where we were visiting for the holiday.  Enjoy!

A great collection of chairs, everything from Queen Anne-style to Frank Gehry

This wood and leather chair from 1939 is by Wharton Esherick.  He used old wagon wheels to create the frame.  An early example of green design!

Desk designed for Pittsburgh's Frank House (1939) by Marcel Breuer and Bauhaus founder, Walter Gropius

(Close up of the above desk) Love those lucite handles!

Frank Lloyd Wright armchair (1956) designed for the Price Tower in Bartlesville, Oklahoma

The detail on the spine of the chair is oh-so-wright

Another creation by Breuer - Bauhaus teacher, famed architect, and master of steel tube furniture

A drop-dead gorgeous table by George Nakashima

Close up of above drop-dead gorgeous Nakashima table

A tribute to Le Corbusier by an Italian furniture manufacturer - This chair looks super uncomfortable, but the rubber seat apparently stretches to conform to your body. I didn't try it out.  Museums kind of frown on that.

Louis Dierra (1939) for Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company

(Left) Wendell Castle designed Molar chair (1969)
(Right) Cabinets for Mobay Chemical Company (1969) by Peter Muller-Munk Associates

Manufactured by Pittsburgh's Aluminum Company of America, these painted aluminum 'Alcoa Forecast Program Tables' (1957) are by Isamu Noguchi

Raymond Loewy DF 2000 sideboard (1968) for Compagnie de l'Esthétique Industrielle, manufactured by Doubinski Fréres

Paul T. Frankl 'Skyscraper' bookcase (1928)

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