Sunday, June 15, 2008

Art Walk Review

The Avenues of Art & Design, with all of its luxurious showrooms on Beverly, Melrose and Robertson, opened its doors for the 11th annual Art and Design Walk.  It is easy to drop a month's salary on a lamp or purchase a sofa that cost as much as a new car in one of these places. However, it's still fun to browse, even if their pricey wares are out of reach for your own home.
My first stop was Kartell, where a DJ was drawing crowds to check out all of their fun products, including these limited edition Dolce & Gabbana leopard print chairs.

B&B Italia was filled with drool-worthy products including this over-scale cane indoor/outdoor chair and papasan.  The Body Raft, designed by David Trubridge for Cappellini, would also be a great poolside lounger.

Grape seemed to be a color that popped up in many of the showrooms, especially for lighting. The first two photos of fixtures from DDC had a nice opacity to the glass.  The effect it had on a regular incandescent bulb cast an eerily beautiful light into the space.  The chandeliers from Cappellini and light bulb silhouette lamp from B&B Italia continue the theme.

DDC also had these chairs which were far from ordinary, but still very elegant.  Epoxy painted aluminum chairs look so lightweight, they almost seem to float.  Available in white or black.
Among the expensive kitchens and baths in Bontempi, I spotted this simple way of showcasing artwork or photos.  Binder clips were used with black mat board.  A white pen was used to add captions.
How about this eye-catching LCD TV from Bang and Olufsen?  I generally wouldn't want to call attention to electronics in a space, but I wouldn't mind this candy-apple red beauty stealing the show.

Finally, Modern Living had some fabulous pieces from Jaime Hayon's Showtime collection (inspired by MGM musicals).  The contemporary take on a classic hooded wing chair was my favorite item of the day.  I also wanted to take home the decidedly quirky ceramics, also by Jaime Hayon.  Sadly, I left empty handed.  There's always next year.

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